THE FIRST DAY: Our recommended commercial and charter flight schedule gives you the opportunity to arrive at Togiak River Fishing Adventures by late morning. Upon arrival at TRFA, you'll have a chance to settle in, then sit down to lunch with the staff. After a short orientation about the camp and the current fishing conditions, it's time to fish! You should get in a half day of guided fishing on the first day before dinnertime. The tackle shop will be open after lunch for licenses and tackle.

DAILY SCHEDULE: "We Take our Fishing Seriously" at Togiak River Fishing Adventures. Generally, each full day at TRFA begins with a hearty breakfast at 7:00am. Guides will have the boats, lunches and hot and cold drinks ready to go by 8:00. Plan to be away from camp for the whole day, returning to camp at 6:00pm. After a great day of fishing, the guides will process, vacuum pack, and freeze retained fish for you to take home.

Our hearty dinners are served family style at 7:30pm. After dinner, guide assignments for the next day's fishing are made, and your guide will meet with you to discuss fishing strategies for the following day.

If you didn't get enough fishing in during the day, some of our favorite holes and runs, the tributary confluences of Pungokepuk River and the Gechiak Creek are minutes from camp, and guides are available to take you. If the fish wore you out, tie flies for the next day, play table games, read, plug in a movie, or enjoy the evening with friends on the elevated viewing deck or in the lounge. When requested, we will fire up the sauna so you can melt away the tension from reeling in those big Salmon.

THE LAST DAY: On change days, breakfast is served at 8:00am. After breakfast, settle up with Brad and finish packing. We'll pack your frozen fish in your coolers or wet lock boxes for transportation home or to a processing plant for smoking. Depending on Anchorage flight schedules and weather, the charter plane arrives late morning and will have you back into Dillingham by 1:00pm.

WEATHER: Summer temperatures on the Togiak range from the low 40s to the mid 70s, with late August/September temperatures averaging 10-15 degrees colder. Weather in SW Alaska can turn from sunshine to rain in a matter of hours. Each year is different and totally unpredictable. Generally, June and July are drier than August and September. Proper clothing and rain gear allows our anglers to enjoy fishing in all weather conditions.


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